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Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow


Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow is primarily involved in 'hands-on' work, creating and maintaining all the town's public floral displays - hanging baskets, beds and plant containers - carrying out tree planting and other environmental improvements, encouraging wildlife and enhancing the urban scene generally.


Doocot in Learmonth GardensLearmonth Gardens


Linlithgow Civic Trust

Linlithgow Civic Trust

The Civic Trust aims to encourage the conservation of the town’s historic buildings and environment, and tries to ensure that new development is of good design, appropriate to the town’s character. We organise relevant visits and lectures and produce publications and merchandise that help to promote Linlithgow.

churchLinlithgow's Historic Buildings


News/What's Coming Next

Coronavirus: Covid-19

The Board of Linlithgow Burgh Trust will follow all Government advice on this issue.

Sadly that means the Perambulation of the Marches on 10 June was cancelled. This year's Beautiful Scotland competition was also cancelled which Burgh Beautiful had entered. The Summer visits programme was cancelled as well, but we hope to be able to make the planned visits in 2021 instead. All LBT, LCT and BBL Committee meetings are taking place by e-mail and videoconference where possible.

We will post updates of any changes resulting from Covid-19 on this website and on the LBT and BBL Facebook pages. We will also contact members directly where appropriate.

Updated (6 April) Burgh Beautiful Covid-19 Guidelines - Please Read!

Please click here to view, read and download these important instructions relating to the current situation.

2020 AGM

Subject to prevailing Covid-19 advice at the time, we are planning to hold this year's AGM at 7.30pm on Friday 20 November at the Linlithgow Rose Social Club. A decision on whether this might include a social event afterwards will be taken nearer the time.


LBT Newsletter & Facebook Page

Click Here to view (or download) the March 2020 LBT Newsletter. The next Newsletter will appear in October and we hope this will be both in hard copy and digital form. We welcome Scott Parker to his new role as Editor of the Newsletter.

Click Here for the new LBT Facebook page.