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Tree Planting Opportunity


Help to plant trees at Triangle Wood near the leisure centre at Kettil'stoun on Sunday 1st December, time to be confirmed.



Triangle Wood


Kettilstoun Tree Planting Volunteers


Triangle Wood at Kettil’stoun is located between the canal and the A706 in the fields next to the leisure centre pitches at the Woodcockdale end.


At Triangle Wood the team have already planted about 60 trees to mark out the site and to create the lines of paths. On 1st December with the community planting they will have about 400 trees available to plant courtesy of the Woodland Trust and Alba Trees.


Initially they planted about 20 'nurse' trees - these are sycamores and white poplar - along the eastern edge. These are to mark the edge of the wood and to provide some protection for the subsequent main planting of Scottish native trees. Native trees have been used to mark out paths. These are mostly silver birch but there are also willow; whitebeam; rowan; ash; elder; oak; and aspen.


The trees to be planted in December are common oak; field maple; grey willow; wild cherry; silver birch; and rowan. Once complete, Triangle Wood will contain the full collection of native Scottish trees, which will mean that we have an informal collection to complement the formal collection being created at Rosemount Park.


Helpers of all ages at Triangle Wood


Before long you might find a Gruffalo in the Triangle Wood.


Stockbridge Retail Park


Two new cherry trees were planted to replace two trees in the planters on the edge of the car park bordering Falkirk Road.


Stockbridge Tree Replacement






Want to help?


Look out for tree planting volunteering opportunities in December on this website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest NOW.

Rosemount Park


Rosemount Park Trees


A survey of Rosemount Park has revealed that it already has an impressive 40 types of trees. We have not yet planted any additional trees there but have created a flyer to circulate to residents. Access the flyer here.


Over the next two years the intention is to make Rosemount Park a representative tree collection, an arboretum. There used to be an arboretum next to Rosemount at Rockville.


This is the current planting plan for Rosemount Park:


WLC Trees have said that they are going to replace the trees that they have removed in recent years and we have asked for the trees to include some of the missing native trees plus the naturalised sweet chestnut.


Burgh Beautiful have a small number of trees ready for planting in Autumn 2019 - Rowan; Aspen; White Willow; Great Sallow; and Dawn Redwood. There are other possible additions such as a small Yew and a Box, and there should be a rare Ginkgo to plant.




The plan for the next few years is to complete the collection - Juniper; Downy Birch; Monkey Puzzle; Whitebeam, Gean, Common Oak, Hawthorn (to supplement the old ones already there); Ginkgo; small-leafed Lime; Sweet Chestnut; Eucalyptus; two Magnolias; some different native Willows by the canal; requests and sponsored trees. We currently have all of the trees "growing on" in preparation for planting with the exception of the Magnolias and the Ginkgo .




Planting of an iconic Cedar of Lebanon and perhaps a commemorative oak tree, both of which we already have. That would give us the complete collection of native Scottish trees, a sample of naturalised trees, and of ancient trees, several interesting exotics, and a member from each of the tree families.