Gold Medal Winners 2018


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Learmonth Gardens Dovecot in Learmonth Gardens Learmonth Gardens


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 Health Centre Left Hand Bed Health Centre Wall Bed
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Britain in Bloom GOLD Medal Winners

Thanks to the outstanding work of the Burgh Beautiful volunteers, the town residents and shop keepers we have won the GOLD medal in the Best Medium Town category. This is an outstanding achievement for all of those involved. Also our very own Ron Smith was awarded with a Community Champion award. Thank you to everyone who gave up so many hours of their time to achieve this and also to the town residents who stop to thank us for making the town look so nice. It makes it all worth while.


Gold Medal Award 2018



A Plea For Help

In contrast to the happy news above, we have the sad and disappointing news that somebody has taken the beautifully embroidered banner of the Legend of the Black Bitch from the station. It was taken some time between 3pm on 15th October and 5.30am on 16th October. If you have any information please contact Jean Long at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Black Bitch Station Banner




Saturday 13th October (UPDATE)


This litter pick was a Transition Linlithgow and Burgh Beautiful event which took place on a rather wet day. Thank you to all who turned out and to Neil Barnes who organised it. Your efforts are really appreciated on such a horrible day.


Wet litter pick volunteers 



Saturday 29th September 

at the Kirk Hall, Cross House


Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Autumn Fair a great success - those who planned it; grew plants; baked; helped to set up the hall prior to the event and tidy up the hall after the event; prepared material and goods for the stalls; manned the stalls; served teas and cleared away plates and cups; the children who entered the competition; and, of course, those who came along and enjoyed the day.


 Autumn Fair Teas and Home Baking  Sunflower  Autumn Fair Teas and Home Baking
 Autumn Fair Teas  Averil and Jean  Competition Prize Giving
 Competition Prize Giving  Competition Prize Giving  Prize Winners
 Competition Prize Winners  Autumn Fair  Prize Winners



Clearing Back Summer Vegetation at

Cycle Ramp - Linlithgow Leisure Centre (UPDATE)

Cycle Ramp Volunteers


Thank you to all those who came along to help cut back the vegetation at the cycle ramp on Saturday. This will help the area to look better and will encourage the flowers to grow next year.



Bed at end of St. Ninian's Road Doocot Low Port Beds