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Learmonth Gardens Dovecot in Learmonth Gardens Learmonth Gardens


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Family-friendly Doomsdale Walk


Walk & Talk the Doomsdale Path on Friday 10 May 2.30 - 4.00

Meet at the parking area by the main gates of Linlithgow Bridge Primary School

Doomsdale Trees


 Come and check for bird boxes, identify trees and look at views to the North from the upper level

Wear sensible shoes and bring binoculars

Walk led by Burgh Beautiful volunteers




 Crowdfunding of ‘Black Bitch’ and St Michael Sculptures

Erection of two bronze sculptures depicting Linlithgow's two traditional civic insignia of the female black hunting dog and St Michael.

The crowdfunding campaign for our proposed sculptures of Linlithgow’s traditional ‘Black Bitch’ and St Michael has just commenced!  If you are interesting in making a donation, please follow this link where you will find appropriate information, etc:

For those who want to contribute but not online, please send an email to the address shown after the project details, and we will send you an appropriate form.  We will ensure that any benefits related to any particular levels of donation online will also apply to donations by cheque, cash or bank transfer.  Please note that donations can be made anonymously, whether online or not.

If you are thinking about making a donation, but first want more information on the project than is given on the Crowdfunder page, please do not hesitate to ask.

Any donations, large or small, especially with Gift Aid as appropriate, will make a genuine difference and will be hugely appreciated. 


 Kettil'stoun Tree Planting

Kettilstoun Tree Planting Volunteers


With support from West Lothian Council, Burgh Beautiful volunteers put in 14 donated Sycamore trees as the first traunch of a tree planting mission. The Triangle is west of the Leisure Centre; parallel to the Union Canal approximately 200 metres east of the bridge leading up to holiday cottages. Many more trees will be added on Sunday 1st December, during National Tree Week when members of the public will be invited to join in. 


Kettilstoun Tree Planting Volunteers


 Additional Tree News

Thanks to the donation of 2 cherry trees, and with agreement from Savills, Property Managers for Stockbridge Retail Park, 2 half dead, spindly and unsightly birch trees have been replaced in the wooden planters. It is hoped that in time more aesthetic and robust trees might enhance this busy roadway and entrance into Linlithgow. Burgh Beautiful is on the case!


 New Tree at Stockbridge  Stockbridge Trees Planting Volunteers




Bed at end of St. Ninian's Road Doocot Low Port Beds