Sponsor Trees at Triangle Wood

Triangle Wood ResizedApplication Form

LCDT LogoTo sponsor trees at £5 each, please complete and submit this form.  You can sponsor any number of trees from 1 to 100.

Items marked with an asterisk are required.  ? gives further details.

You will receive a certificate by email showing the number of trees that you are sponsoring along with notice of the amount to be paid and alternative payment methods.

Please enter your address and post code.  These details are required for us to claim Gift Aid and to post your certificate, if required.

The data that you submit will be held safely and will only be used in connection with tree sponsorship, in line with GDPR requirements.

Triangle wood is Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow project, supported by Linlithgow Community Development Trust (Scottish Charity No. SC045971).

If you would like us to post you a printed certificate, for an additional £2, please check this box.  Make sure that your full address is entered, including the post code.

If you are sponsoring trees on behalf of somebody else then you can enter their name(s) here, to be included on the cerificate as "Sponsored on behalf of (NAME) (Max 60 characters).  If you leave it blank we will use your name, as entered above.

Unless you indicate here that you wish to remain anonymous, your name will be included in the published list of sponsors.

Gift Aid

Please check the Gift Aid box if you are a UK taxpayer, authorising Linlithgow Burgh Trust to claim an additional 25% in Gift Aid.  By checking the Gift Aid box you are confirming that you are a UK taxpayer and that you authorise Linlithgow Burgh Trust to reclaim Gift Aid on this sponsorship donation. 

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