Linlithgow Street Trees Consultation

The period for submission of views on this project ended on 15 February 2021.


As previously reported, a grant of £53,300 from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Fund was awarded to Linlithgow Burgh Trust for providing more trees in the High Street. The project is overseen by a committee of Linlithgow Burgh Trust but is managed by West Lothian Council which, in November 2020, appointed DWA Landscape Architects as consultants. Public comment is now being sought regarding the selected locations and the species of trees proposed.

DWA Landscape Architects have summarised the project’s objectives as follows:

“The intention of the project is to further improve the character of the town centre and to promote a green way of living for the townspeople of Linlithgow whilst also helping to encourage a sustainable townscape. The introduction of further trees within the street will help to reduce CO2 levels in the town centre, reduce the effects of heat retention, encourage bird and wildlife and generally create a more pleasant atmosphere within the town for social congregation and interaction.”

We would now like your views regarding the locations and species.

Public response will help determine their final numbers and locations, taking into account how far the funds will stretch for the necessary construction of tree pits and size of trees to be purchased. In order that an attractive degree of consistency can be achieved, the tree species cover a small range and are mainly of the slender fastigiate variety.

Three broad categories for the planting of new trees have been identified. These include:

  • Type A - 8 new trees into areas of soft landscape
  • Type B - 7 new trees into renovated existing disused tree pits
  • Type C - 12 new trees into newly formed tree pits at various locations
Fastigiate Trees

Most of the trees proposed are "fastigiate" - they tend to grow tall and thin.  Click Here for more information on fastigiate trees.

Drawings and Illustrations

An overview (1) and seven detailed landscape strategy drawings (2-8), running from West Port to Low Port, set out draft proposals for opportune locations for the 27 trees. The final two sheets show potential species with descriptions of their structure, maximum height and specific features and the last item is a montage illustration.

These documents (PDF drawings and a JPEG illustration) will open in a new window or tab.  Close it to return here.