Linlithgow Street Trees Consultation

Why ‘Fastigiate’ Trees?

The tree planting proposals for locations in and around Linlithgow High Street include some trees which are slender, upward-growing species, the technical name of which is ‘fastigiate’.

Such trees cut down the risk of tree branches overhanging the roadways or interfering with the street lighting, thus hopefully eliminating any future pressure from Council roads staff to have them removed – but still giving the long-term green impact that we would like to see. They look really good when viewed along streets, but can sometimes look slightly strange when seen across roadways.

Fastigiate Trees at Drum Farm Lane, Bo'ness
Fastigiate Trees at Drum Farm Lane, Bo'ness

Perhaps the main benefit of ‘fastigiate’ trees is to minimise problems with branches and foliage blocking daylight to the upstairs windows of flats and houses. Fairly recently, this was a factor in the very unfortunate loss of both the two trees on the west side of The Cross.

Montage by the former RBSPartnership Centre MontageMontages

The montages prepared by the consultants show the differences between fastigiate trees and those with a more normal spread.

The drawings portray the likely appearance of the fastigiate hornbeams proposed east of The Cross (left) and less upward-growing lime trees in front of the Partnership Centre (right).




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