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Linlithgow - A Plan for the Future 2015 - 2030

Linlithgow Civic Trust commented on the proposed West Lothian Local Development Plan (and on the Main Issues Report that preceded it) with the view that the policy of restraint for Linlithgow should be replaced by a comprehensive local area plan that addresses the current and anticipated infrastructure issues before any development takes place. This plan, "Linlithgow - A Plan for the Future 2015- 2030" was developed on behalf of the Linlithgow community by the Linlithgow Planning Forum, of which the Trust is a member and is available for download:

Additional Planning Content

LCT Planning Policies, Opinions and the LCT Planning Archive content will be transferred here soon.  In the mean-time, please click here to view them on the old LCT website and then return here afterwards. 

LCT Planning Policies

  • Guidelines for the Linlithgow Plan (Linlithgow Planning Forum - PDF)
  • Linlithgow Architectural Style Guide (PDF)
  • Policy on Parking: Response to West Lothian Council's Consultation
  • Policy on Conservation Area Enhancement
  • Policy on the Future of Civic Buildings in Linlithgow
  • Policy on Housing Development in Linlithgow


  • Contemporary Architecture in the Linlithgow Conservation Area - Jon Newey
  • Parking Proposals for Linlithgow: A Resident's Views - John Aitken
  • Architectural Design Comments - Richard Toleman
  • Linlithgow as a Tourist Destination - Sheila Ashby

LCT Planning Archive

  • Planning Archive - earlier Comments, Reports & Opinion