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Compost Recommendations

Burgh Beautiful promotes the use of peat-free compost:

- to help protect the environment
- to produce excellent results

Increasing your choice of peat-free compost

Some gardeners have tried peat-free and been disappointed.

But there is quality peat-free and other brands which are not as successful.

Melcourt SylvaGrow Sustainable Peat-free

Which Survey March 2016

This came out top for pots and containers with 86% success, several others were next with 71% while some more familiar brands were rated below 50%.

Clydeside Trading is the only supplier in Scotland yet it is the best brand, according to the Which Survey and endorsed by RHS.  It, or a Silvamix made to specification by Melcourt, is used by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Kew, Eden Project and Binny Plants.

Melcourt SylvaGrow
Sustainable Peat-free

for the Passionate Gardener 

DIY Linlithgow will buy in

Order beginning of March for mid-March delivery

 £8.99 for 50 litres 

Sample bag available today
20p / litre

Bulrush Professional Peat-free

£5.95 for 60 litres from

Mill Garden Centre, Armadale

10% Voucher available today

tried and tested by
Burgh Beautiful
in its hanging baskets

New Horizon peat-free

£5.95 for 50 litres or £10 for 2 bags

from New Hopetoun Gardens

Many report on this being a very good product. They also sell Miracle Grow for the same price but this did not rate well in the Which Survey.

New Horizon also produces grow bags