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Programme 2018

* All BB meetings take place once a month on a Thursday night in the upper room at the Black Bitch Tavern starting at 7.30pm.



 BB  Meeting *

  Thursday 29th March

  Hit Squad at cycle ramp at Leisure Centre 

  - plug planting and seed scattering

  Fridat 20th April from 2pm to 4pm

  Hanging basket cleaning and filling at

  Clarendon Base

  Saturday 21st April - time to be confirmed
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 26th April

  Delivery of plants for hanging baskets and plant


  Thursday 3rd May at 9 am

  Planting hanging baskets at Clarendon Base

  Saturday 5th May - time to be confirmed
  Group photo at steps of Burgh Halls   Saturday 19th May - time to be confirmed

  Plant delivery 2 for ex-council beds and planters

  Week 28th May to 1st June
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 31st May
  Plant sale   Saturday 2nd June

  Plant delivery 3 for all other beds and planters

  Week 4th to 8th June
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 28th June
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 26th July
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 30th August
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 27th September

  Hit squad at cycle ramp at Leisure Centre

  Friday 28th September or

  Friday 5th October from 2pm to 4pm

  Date to be confirmed.

  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 25th October
  BB  Meeting *   Thursday 29th November