Protecting our Peatlands

Peatlands Bed Display

Glinting recycled CDs with important messages have joined miniature geese, hares and some of the summer-time wildlife creations in a new display in the foyer of Linlithgow Burgh Halls. Drop by and have a look for yourself.  

The main display at the Vennel bed continues to attract passers-by. Transition Linlithgow in conjunction with Burgh Beautiful and supported by the Scottish Wildlife Trust will maintain the bed until May 2018.

Peatlands Bed

Workers at the Peatland Bed Peatland Bed Sign
 Hard at Work in the Peatland Bed  Peatland Bed Volunteers
   Peatlands Bed with Plover  

Seasons change, the geese fly in and the Vennel bed gets a make-over!  Check out the new arrivals, the hare in the heathers and the new signs drawing attention to the importance of peatlands.  Volunteers from Transition Linlithgow, Burgh Beautiful and the Scottish Wildlife Trust bring you a wintery story.  Look at the different colours of beaks and feet and listen out for the skeins of geese as they fly overhead from the Arctic tundra to warmer feeding grounds here.