Press release from Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow 7 July 2017



Linlithgow’s own Great Tapestry

Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow, the town’s planting group, commissioned three new banners for Linlithgow station from Linlithgow’s branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild who designed and created them.  ScotRail’s culture fund paid for them.

These new banners are truly sensational, celebrating a few of the unique characteristics of the town – the Black Bitch story, the town’s historic architecture and the prominent and distinctive spire of St Michael’s Parish Church, all with flowers interwoven to acknowledge the work of Burgh Beautiful.

These highly creative designs with exquisite workmanship will impress everyone who sees them.  These can now be viewed within the station building.  The official launch of these magnificent pieces of work will be in the latter part of August.

Jean Long

Secretary Burgh Beautiful


Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow is part of Linlithgow Burgh Trust. 

Linlithgow Burgh Trust is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation – Scottish Charity Number SC047211